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Peptide analysis


Incomplete digestion of proteins from grain and milk leads to the formation of peptides. A high level of peptides in urine also indicates a high level in the blood stream. This is unfortunate, because several of these peptides may influence the brain. Neurozym Pharma's peptide analysis is particularly recommended in cases of autism and ADHD, but also in other psychological disorders and when protein intolerance is suspected. The peptide analysis will tell you if you may benefit from a casein/gluten free diet. It's also possible to use the test to discover a diet breach. A diet breach is not necessarily a deliberate act, but could easily be caused by gluten and/or casein in foods where they're not expected to be.

Test Request Form and Test Kit

The analysis should be taken in cooperation with a physician or other therapist. In the Order-section, you can order test kits and download test request forms. The test kit consists of a styrofoam box which contains test bottle(s), an ice pack, a test request form and some information. You don't necessarily have to use our test kits. If you wish, you can use a urine sample container bought at your local pharmacy and send the sample to us in an insulating box with an ice pack. Make sure that the urine sample stays frozen all the way to our lab!


It's important that you don't start a diet before you take the test. In order to detect the peptides, you have to eat the proteins from which the peptides are derived. You should eat bread and milk products for at least 14 days, preferably a month, before the sample is taken.

Taking the test

The urine sample is taken in the morning, before any food or drink is consumed. This is important because all people have peptides in their urine after a meal. When the sample is taken, discard the very first urine (it's full of contaminations). Collect 10-20 ml of urine. Do not fill the test bottle more than ¾ full. Close the test bottle tightly and write the patient's name and birth date on the bottle. The sample must be frozen immediatelly. The peptides are degraded quickly at high temperatures, but are stable in frozen condition. The ice pack and the urine sample should be in the freezer for at least 24 hours before shipment.


We recomment that only customers in the Nordic countries send the samples as ordinary post packages. In the rest of Europe and other parts of the world, a courier has to be used. Unfortunatelly, no courier service is able to deliver the samples fast enough anymore. We recommend that customers outside the Nordic countries wait until a new preservation method has been implemented. This is expected to happen in February or March 2008.

Payment and test results

We use creditcard payment with Visa/MasterCard for all customers outside Norway (see the request form for more information). The test results are sent to the address or fax number of your choice when they are ready and payment is received.

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Phone: (+47) 741 51 500
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