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Probiozym webshop


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Contact us

Adress:Neurozym Biotech AS Sorbygdveien 187, N-7760 Snaasa, NORWAY Phone: (+47) 74 15 15 00Email:post@neurozym.


Neurozym has established a scientific and business network, and we are currently looking for new business arrangements with foreign companies in order to market and sell the new probiotic product Probiozym in several EU-countries. We have had an important cooperation with Dr. Karl L. Reichelt at the Institute of Pediatric Research, University of Oslo, who has been the number one researcher in the field of food peptides and autism/ADHD.

In depth article

Background The purpose of developing Probiozym was to make a product for protein intolerance and disturbed gut flora. By screening bacterial strains, we have chosen strains with great capacity to break down harmful food peptides. We have achieved this by searching for strains with high levels of the appropriate peptidases. For a probiotic to be effective in the gut, the bacteria must be able to colonize the intestinal mucosal surface.

Bestilling av testkit

På denne siden kan kunder i Norge, Sverige og Danmark bestille testkit for analyse. Testkittet består av urinprøvebeholder, urin-monovette med konserveringsmiddel, transportrør, returkonvolutt, informasjonsbrosjyre ogrekvisisjonsskjema. Skjemaet følger med i testkittet og må fylles ut med alle opplysninger vi trenger.


Peptides and protein intolerance Multiple studies have shown that children with autism may have elevated levels of peptides in their urine, which may be the result of incomplete breakdown of gluten and casein. This leads to the formation of peptides with opioid (morphin-like) characteristics, and there is evidence suggesting that this kind of peptides worsen the symptoms in these patient.


Questions before the analysis I want to take the test. How do I proceed? Call this telephone number: (0047) 74 15 15 00, or go to this webpage, and order a testkit. The testkit contains a urine monovette, a sample glass, an information folder and a test request form. Fill out the form and send it with the urine sample. The test results will be sent when they are ready and payment is in order.

Protein intolerance in coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is another type of protein intolerance, where certainpeptidesfromglutenare toxic to the mucosal surface of the small intestine. It has been shown that certain peptides from gluten are very slowly degraded during thedigestion ofproteins. These peptides may trigger an immunologically based destruction of the mucosal surface in individuals who have a genetic disposition.

Protein intolerance in allergies

Allergic reactions to foreign proteins are common, and such reactions may come in many forms. Allergies against food proteins can be very severe. Allergies against certain food proteins, f.ex. from nuts or kiwi fruit, are quite common. Nut allergy is known to be exceptionally dangerous. A wide range of proteins can cause milder allergies, and cause long-lasting discomfort.

Diet and analysis of peptides in urine

Before you start on a diet, it's important to know if the diet is necessary. If you can document that the diet is necessary, it should be easier to get acceptance from doctors and other health workers. The analysis of peptides in urine gives an indication of whether the patient has a food intolerance. The test is based on the following: - The digestion of proteins in the food is incomplete - Partially digested proteins (peptides) leak from the gut to the blood stream.

Probiotics in protein intolerance

In all three types of protein intolerance, gastrointestinal problems are often observed. For this reason, probiotics has been recommended as part of the treatment. Probiozym was developed for patients suffering from protein intolerance. Two of the bacterial strains produce peptidases, which are enzymes used to break down peptides. The peptides are protein fragments from partially digested food proteins which play a decisive role in protein intolerance.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Probiotics in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) The first onset of IBS often coincides with an antibiotic treatment, and it’s natural to think of a connection with disturbed gut flora. Even though disturbed gut flora is probably not the root cause of IBS, it’s a major contributor to the discomfort it causes. It looks as if people with IBS are particularly likely to develop disturbed gut flora.

Peptid analysis

The price of the analysis is 105 euros for customers in Europe.



In 1999 we started developing a probiotic product for protein intolerance. This product, Probiozym, was patented in 2001, and was launched in Norway 2005. In the USA and Canada it is sold under the name HLC Mindlinx. An analysis of harmful food peptides in urine was established 2001, based on Dr. KL. Reichelt's HPLC method.


Our laboratory is located in Snåsa, Norway, and employs3 people. We work with the urinary peptide analysis and selling the probiotic product Probiozym. President of the company, dr.med Gunnar Brønstad is the project leader, and Aase Brønstad is business manager. B.Sc. Tove Toldnesisinvolved in the analysis and sales. In addition, we continue to develop new products.


On this page, we will gather articles and reviews in opioid peptide research. However, most of the literature is copyrighted and cannot be published here. Dietary peptides as cause of disease - A small article on pathogenic food peptides by dr.med. Gunnar Brønstad. Structure of opioid peptides - This page shows most of the known opioid peptided with their structures and chemical formulas.

My Problem

The purpose of these pages is to gather the most relevant information for each diagnosis on a single page. Here we write about the experiences we have with gluten-free and/or casein-free diets and the use of Probiozym in each patient group. The texts are mainly based on feedback from the patients. Each of the pages has a number of links to more detailed information.


Probiozym may be ordered in our webshop! This probiotic product is primarily developed for patients with autism, ADHD and other forms of protein intolerance. Stomach and intestinal problems and a disturbed gut flora is common in these patient groups. Peptides from incompletely digested food seems to influence the symptoms in these patients. To supply them with bacteria able to reestablish a natural gut flora may be beneficial.

Peptide structure

Opioid peptides All peptides are chains of amino acids linked together. A few of these have the ability to affect opioid receptors in the brain and are at the same time difficult to break down. A combination of these two properties leads to protein intolerance in some individuals. The peptides included in Neurozym's analysis are marked with an asterrisk (*).

Neurozym Biotech

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Neurozym'smission is to improve health and wellness in people with food intolerance.Our research has resulted in a specially designed probiotic to fightprotein intolerance, with a main focuson autism, ADHD and chronic fatigue syndrome.Gastrointestinal problems are frequent in these conditions, and may be caused byfood intolerance or a disturbed gut flora.
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